Sunday, November 28, 2010

pain pain and pain...

Friday night

My friends and I went for ice skating.. The problem of doin it here is that nearly everyone if good at it.. =.= not like in Malaysia, u can still see most of the people hanging to the side bars...

During the whole session... I fell down 6 times..!! most of the time on the butt... T_T... now both my hands n knees are with bruises... even my back too... and there was another guy... ( i think it's he's 1st time..) and he was so daring to try.. so he ended up falling again n again... ( the flying type fallin... ) until his whole jeans were wet.. haha.. so u can imagine how many times...

I wonder why ppl love ice skating.. it's like falling and getting hurt is soo fun... Well, that includes me of course cause i had lots of fun and i plan to go again...! xD

C'est tout..!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy thanksgiving everyone...!!

It's thanksgiving today and we had classes until 8pm... But, all the tiredness disappear right after we saw tis..!


It's finally snowing everyone...! Even though my hands hurt from the cold, my hair's all wet, my papers are ruined, yet i cant surpress d excitement..!! My first time..!! ^^ And it's really pretty~~ ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 November 2010, Armistice

It's 10.49pm here in France.. 7 hours of differences really makes the night a lot more lonely than before...

It's been 2 months since i came here and i haven't even blog about anythg...! So i really don't know where to start from now... Well, I guess the past is in the past so might as well just get started by today?? haha...

It's a public holiday today, Armistice Day ( to commemorate the end of the 1st world war ) so i thought of waking up late as i haven't been able to do so for the past 2 months.. and yet, ironically, i had a bad dream and i woke up sweating even though it's 8 degrees outside?? =.=

Anyway, there's suppose to be a meeting for the program of the international day next week and i wouldn't want to be late for that... ( Have been missing a few now since i'm having quite a lot of outings... xD ) after having a 2 hours ( i think.. ) discussion, i was assigned for the culture part... N might be wearing my Cheongsam a.k.a Qipao for the evening... though i might not really look forward to that cause it's really cold now... >.< Right after the discussion, we had a little party for our friend's belated birthday...
and i must say, the others are really good at cooking... haha.. Whole afternoon = slacking~~~ so we'll skip this part... >_<

Later on, helped senior moving her stuffs and we had pizzas as dinner... The pizza here's really nice... try imagining Pizza Hut crust but a lot fluffier with Domino's topping x2... Total satisfaction...!!!

And now, what am i doing blogging?? I'm suppose to search for an article about vacations for my end of semestre project...!!! T_T

C'est tout..!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonderful day...!!

went to midv with my bro's gf, jo today... Had lots of fun today..!!

1st we went for movie, Coco avant Chanel... it's about coco chanel b4 becoming a fashion designer.. Somehow i felt sad watching her life... But it's oways these sort of ppl who can get really successful in their life... hmmm....

N everywhere's on sale now.. even body shop hav about 70% discount..!! so it's super jam in there... And not to mention many cases of pick pocket too.. till the salesgirl had to keep shout for us to beware of pick pocket when there's too many ppl...

N guess wat?? We saw 林叶亭 there doing a product's promotion..!! N seriously.. she's soo pretty... doesn look lik a woman who had two kids dy... >.<

N later, we went for Bah Kut Teh... So nice.. 感动..!! + the soup is free...!! U can add all tat u wan lor..!! Not lik KK's... =.= KK bah Kut Teh lose dy.... haha...

C'est tout..!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dragon frenzy...

i've been crazy about the movie "How to train a dragon" these days.. well... i've watched lik 4 times for 2 days now.. and i can only think about toothless..!! He's soooo cute!!!! I wan him as a fren too... T_T

He's a beauty isn't he?? I want him a...!! Can someone pls invent sumthg tat can extract him to real life??? T_T

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mao's Last Dancer

Finally, I'm back online... Haha..

I've just watched a movie called Mao's Last Dancer... Got it from my uncle without knowing wat it's about... But it's really nice...

This movie is about a chinese guy named Li Cun Xin who decided to be called a traitor to the People's Republic Of China at that time to follow the path he believes in dancing...

Very heart touching.. And it's base on true story.. so u guys shud really watch it if u hav the oppportunity.. ^^

C'est tout..!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Usual monday...

Today is a wonderful headache day... Why??

bcz 1st, i had a really agreable sleep during one period.. and when i was sleepin peacefully, my lecturer suddenly called my name and said : Than, mayb u can answer this question since u've already rest enough...

i was shocked so i jolt up from my sleep leaving a pain feeling in the head + i dun even knw which question she's talking about so how am i suppose to answer it?? =.=

Later, we had our civilisation class which we are recently working on literature... N another headache... It's already hard enuf to learn litterature in our familiar language... and now french somemore... aaarrrggghhhh!!!!!

But the good thg about today is... I finally watched Ip Man 2...!! it's soooo heart touching... T_T salute him forever... And Donnie Yen is still as charming as he is... Huang Xiao Ming too... >.< N there's another familiar face too... Ashen Chen a.k.a 释小龙。

He was sooo cute last time... right???

But nw he seems kinda fat.. haha..

C'est tout...

P/S : hav u guys ever realize tat when we 1st met someone and we try to start a conversation, it always ends up us talking about our ownselves rather than asking about the other person... Do you find it wierd and why do we tend to do tat?? peace.. ^^v